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The many 'bassed' behemoth from Preston, Evil Blizzard have gone from underground noisemongers to established troubadours. Featuring threatening pig, lashings of chaos and a soupcon of bewilderment the band have released four albums to rave reviews and ever expanding audiences, with the band straddling the Psyc, Punk, Goth and Metal scenes seamlessly.


A recent addition to the flock sees ‘Fleshcrawl’, ex Hawkwind, adding his sonic palpitations and, obviously, more bass.

Expect a new album in 2021.


You have been warned.


It’s rare for a group to commandeer a position at rock’s head table from their opening bar, but Michael achieve this and then some with their debut album ‘Tell Your Friends’ released February 2020 on Crackedankles Records to coincide perfectly with COVID lockdown.


Featuring members of ‘Bad Guys’, ‘Henge’ and ‘Black Shape’, they are a band of wolves who’ll happily seek refuge in the company of humans rewarding their hosts with untold aural treats and treasures as well as a little heavy petting.


As listeners, we are constantly reminded that all is not what it seems and for this we should be truly grateful.


A highly disturbing odyssey lies ahead for those of us who dare pick up their fur bound gauntlet and champion its poetic output like salivating hogs gagging for a piece of Michael’s blessed flesh.


Tell Your Friends is the sort of record the babysitter listens to before turning on the kids in her keep and will come to be as important a document as the late Samuel Pepy’s diary, long after we’ve all departed this mortal coil.


All this aside, Michael’s debut album is bloody good fun.


Too young to know better. Too old to blame youth. FIGHTING blast furious Post-Punk Gutter Guitar with great irreverence and furious incompetence. Hailing from the glorious shining metropolis of Preston, FIGHTING have spent the past few years playing blistering live shows and generating a hungry, devoted following. Somehow, they even managed to wangle a slot at The Guild Hall.


Their last EP, 'Saturday Night is Alright For...', was released in partnership with Crackedankles and sold out completely. FIGHTING are currently in the process of writing their 5th EP, and plan to release it next year.


Also, they sell Pork Pies as merchandise. Amazing.


Deep within the bowels of the South Coast of England.


Refreshingly inspired by No One…a BIG sound exudes from an uber young All Girl power trio known as HOTWAX..


Woeful songs of teenage angst, songs of ferocious Love, songs so beautifully innocent yet so poignant with an energy inspired by “Life”…  Albertine, PJ Harvey, even Karen O would for sure… give ‘em the nod.


 Making music way beyond their years Hot Wax are refreshingly NOT like anything else.